Five Tips For Working From Home

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, more and more of us (including the Sarru team) are working from home, possibly for the first time. We have compiled a list of five tips that may help you transition smoothly to working from home.

1. Allocate a Workspace

Working from home means the clear lines between working hours and your own time are blurred. This is why it is very important to define a particular space in your home where you are in “work mode”. Not only will you find it easier to concentrate during your working hours, but once you leave this area you won’t have the temptation to continue working. This is vital for your productivity and your work life balance. Also remember, a work space doesn’t have to look like your office at work- you can still express your home style by using one of our stylish upcycled or industrial style tables.

If you need lots of space to work in, this Hargreaves Industrial Counter Table has a bookshelf on one side, perfect for all your supplies and files.

Hargreaves Industrial Counter Table With Shelving

If space is tight and you need a streamlined set up, why not choose this Sewing Console Table? It has a slender profile to fit into anywhere you decide to create your workspace. 

Sewing Console Table

2. Stick to a Routine

Make sure you try to establish a working routine and stick to it. Take your regular work breaks and make sure while you are working you eliminate distractions. Keep track of the time in style with one of our reclaimed clocks.

If you need to keep track of world time, why not try this clock with 5 faces, which you can use to keep track of different time zones? 

 Recycled Wooden Door World Wall Clock with 4 Coat Hooks

Or keep it simple and stylish with this reclaimed clock-

Reclaimed Teak Wall Clock with Iron Numerals

3. Stay Clutter Free

Keeping your workspace organized is really important. If your environment is disorganized your mind will be! Pack things not in use away, and make sure everything you need is to hand. Try using some stylish boxes to store your clutter in, that you can repurpose once you are no longer working from home.

These rustic tray boxes can be a great place to store all your paperwork in style-

 Coca cola wooden box

4. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

With more of our day spent indoors, bringing a touch of the outside in to feel less stuffy and cooped up. Place a pretty house plant on your desk, or grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill. Get inventive with planters to really make your mark.
See our blog post on upcycled planting ideas here for more!

Use vintage style boxes as a creative herb planter. view all boxes here

 herb planter box

This beautiful antique Handi Pot would give a rustic feel to any potted plant. 

Vintage Iron Handi Pot

5. You’re Not Just Working From Home

Make sure your home is comforting and welcoming for you in your downtime too. A nice way to spend your weekends (or days not working) would be to restyle a room. There’s plenty of inspiration online, and we have so many stunning and unique items of furniture, lighting and accessories in so many styles, from upcycled and reclaimed, to industrial and steampunk home furnishings.

View all the Pommel Horses, Pouffes & Vintage Stools range here

 Drum Style Leather Stool

View all the wine storage options here

Wine rack

Browse our lighting range here 

Industrial Table Lamp

View all the candle holders and lanterns here 

Large Glass and Metal Lantern - Distressed White

Our warehouse and delivery network are operating with extra safety measures in place, so we are still able to dispatch orders with no delays to deliveries. 


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