Vintage Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an essential storage solution in every bedroom to keep all your clothes, shoes and accessories neatly organised. Make a statement in your bedroom with a beautiful vintage or upcycled wardrobe from the SARRU collection.

A beautiful vintage wardrobe is the perfect way to showcase your unique taste in decor in your bedroom and introduce interesting patterns, materials and finishes into the space. At SARRU Home, all our furniture is of the highest production quality and we carefully select each piece for its excellent craftsmanship and beautiful vintage qualities. Within our collection, you’ll find unique materials, high quality finishes and intricate details that make our furniture stand apart from anything else you’ve seen.

Our collection of vintage wardrobes includes a variety of designs to suit every taste in home decor, whether you have a preference for farmhouse, bohemian, industrial or retro styles. If you have a love for industrial furniture, our Hargreaves reclaimed wood wardrobe with striking iron detailing is the perfect choice. For the complete look, matching Hargreaves Industrial items are also available in our online store including a Hargraves Industrial bed, bedside tables and dressers.

We take great care to uphold our eco-friendly values throughout our collection. Rest assured, all our furniture is made from sustainable  or reclaimed materials and all orders are packaged and shipped to you using eco-friendly methods.

Carefully crafted through sustainable productive methods, our each of our vintage wardrobes are true investment pieces that will be with you for years to come. Get inspired and browse our collection of vintage wardrobes below to find the perfect match for your bedroom.