Upcycled & Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting is a great way to bring new and exciting accents into a space and showcase your unique personality in your home. When it comes to furniture, SARRU brings something new to the table. In the SARRU collection, you will find antique lighting solutions that are entirely unique - not just to brighten your home but to make your unique personality shine throughout your living space.

SARRU vintage lighting comes in a range of decorative styles from industrial lights to opulent antique lamps, retro lighting and much more. Use SARRU lighting to add unique detailing to any bare ceiling, wall or table top. Whether you want to create a bright and welcoming hallway, or a cosy, low lit living room, with SARRU, the sky’s the limit.

Our rustic lighting collection is truly an eclectic treasure trove of all different styles and finishes. Whether you’re looking for lighting that’s bright and bold, vintage industrial lighting or opulent hanging lights, our lighting collection brings everything to the table. Many of our lamps and vintage wall lights are made from authentic antiques, so are 100% unique!