Vintage and Upcycled Furniture

When it comes to furniture, we so often settle for whatever we can find in the store. Step away from the everyday, with SARRU’s upcycled and artisan furniture. SARRU vintage furniture brings some of the past back into the present, by reinventing old styles with a new, modern twist. With SARRU, every item of furniture is a chance to express the true you!

SARRU furniture is designed to express your unique and wonderful personality throughout your home, with upcycled vintage pieces that make a statement. Our varied collection of vintage and reclaimed furniture is perfect for anyone ready to try out new styles and have fun with their living space. Our furniture collection encaptures a whole range of vintage styles including industrial, retro and artisan furniture, all with a special SARRU twist. 

The SARRU furniture collection includes pieces for every room in the house including vintage living room furniture, vintage bedroom furniture, unique artisan furniture and much more. If you’ve always dreamed of the ultimate vintage dining room or vintage kitchen, our collection includes matching pieces so you can completely transform a room in your own unique vision. 

All of our vintage and upcycled furniture is made with love and in line with our vision of making interior design an eco-friendly practise. We are proud to say that all of our vintage furniture is made using salvaged wood and is packaged and sent to you through sustainable practises. At SARRU, we know that an eco-friendly planet can also be a beautiful one!

Browse our collection and transform your home with vintage furniture that’s 100% unique and 100% you!