Vintage Style Chairs

SARRU your home with gorgeous vintage chairs that have a character of their own. At SARRU, we specialise in producing beautiful vintage and upcycled furniture that stands apart from anything else on the market. Our vintage chairs are the epitome of homely, cosy and romantic - bringing some of the past back into the present.

 If you’re hoping to find vintage chairs for your home that express your unique personality and style, you’ve come to the right place!

Our collection offers an eclectic range of upcycled and antique chairs in a range of different styles. This includes rustic chairs, vintage benches, upcycled dining chairs, industrial stools and much more! A chair can be a statement piece in a room or you can find a complete set of vintage dining chairs that complete a table you already own. Experiment with new styles or play it safe with classic designs, at SARRU we have it all.

Our vintage chair collection is a treasure trove of unique pieces, so browse the collection below to find something you love.