Vintage Home Decor

Want to bring something special to the decor of your living space? Showcase your unique personality throughout your home with vintage decor that’s truly you. Cosiness, nostalgia and sophistication are all at the heart of vintage decor, and the SARRU collection captures just that.

Beautiful home decor is all in the details, so SARRU your home with vintage home accessories and vintage wall decor such as vintage mirrors and clocks that compliment every taste and style. 

We offer a wide range of decor styles, including traditional, retro, industrial and bohemian. Whether your taste is minimal and chic or more out there, we have pieces for everyone. Add decorative accents to every room in your home with vintage door mats, candle holders, table ornaments and much more!

SARRU vintage decor is truly unique both in design and production. Our brand principles include creating furniture that’s made with love, packaged and shipped to you through eco-friendly methods. SARRU proves that an eco-friendly planet is also a beautiful one! Our upcycled home decor pieces keep the nostalgia of a past time whilst also being transformed into something 100% suitable for any modern home. You won’t find pieces like ours anywhere else!

Browse our treasure trove of vintage home decor and discover pieces that will add an edge to any room in your home.